Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SinfulColors-Let's Talk

natural light

camera flash
This color is called Lets Talk the brand is SinfulColors. This color would be good for fall i really like the name i think its very uniqe!!!!Also i knowtesed that in camera flash the purple looks blue but its not its a deep purple!I used one coat because its dark that's why it is ment for fall. This is also sparkley with blue sparkles so if you like this color comment on how you do!:)

Orly-Orange punch

This color is called Orange Punch the brand is Orly.I like the way this color is BRIGHT and vibrant great for summer and fall i used one coat and you could still see my nail a little but it still looks great!!Orly is a great brand i mostly only used Orly,Pure Ice,and Revlon but i think it was this year that i got into different brands which is great now i love Essie,China Glaze,SinfulColors, and Sally Hansen!I want to try Butter London so bad where do you get it?!?Anyway if you like this color comment below on how you do!:)

Sally Hansen-Lime Lights

camera flash

natural lighting
This color is called Lime lights the brand is Sally Hansen.I like to wear this color in the summer one time i brought it to Lake Geneva and it sparkled in the water!Also if you dont like light colors this is not for you at all i have on 3 coats i still dont think it is light enough!Also i just remembered i need another bottle!LOL!!!!!Anyway if you like this color comment below on how you do! :P

Essie-Wrapped In Rubies

This color is called Wrapped In Rubies the brand is Essie.I like this brand but some of the formulas are watery of very thick i only know how the watery ones turn out!This color is great for fall and winter.Also i knowtessed that in the bottle it looks brown but when you put it on its more red almost like Devils Lure! I used  one coat and it turnned out great you cant even see my nail!!If you like this color comment below on how you do!:)


This color is called Lights the brand is Essie i really like this brand. The color would be for spring or summer it is just like a barbie pink i like it alot especially the way the bottle is. I used 2 coats 1 was a little to orange i recomened matching an aqua blue with this color!!If you like this color please comment below on how you do!:)

China Glaze-For Audrey

This color is called For Audrey the brand is China Glaze. I would say its a spring color or fall.I used 1coat if you think you might need 2 coats thats ok this is not one of those super BRIGHT colors its simple and minty i put in the blue column because i dont have any other mint polishes anyway if you like this color comment below on how you do! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

China Glaze-Flip Flop Fantasy

This color is called Flip Flop Fantasy the color is by China Glaze its from the 2011 poolside summer collection.You will only need 1 coat but for me to be on the safe side i did 2 coats.This is the 2nd most neon color besides Neon  Melon.It is a coral with pink if you like this color comment on how you do!:)