Monday, February 20, 2012

Revlon - Devil's Lure

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This color is called Devil's Lure it is a Revlon color that looks redish purpley if you look at the bottle it almost looks brown or purple! I like this color because red is a good color.I would wear this in fall or winter, light is for summer and spring.If you saw my last 2 photos the blue I would say is for spring and the orange is for summer.Now this is an awesome polish but there is one thing I don't like.If you paint your nails in more than one swipe it clumps and leaves a striped look.But I like it anyway you should really try it especially if you like red!:)


carly60008 said...

I LOVE the reviews, they were very helpful...I hope to se more reviews on more colors and brands soon! LOVIN IT!

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